I suck at blogs.


I really, really suck at everything that comes with having a blog.  I am so sorry I am so behind on everything the past few months.  I rarely get on the computer except to get absorbed in the lives of my Sims and the WordPress app is really crappy so I keep falling more and more behind.

Let me see if I can come up with some updates.


Yes.  So we are house hunting some homes to rent because we do not want to sign another apartment contract when ours is up in September.  Today we drove around checking out some of the neighborhoods surrounding some of the houses we are looking at.  Just because the picture on the website looks nice doesn’t mean the surrounding areas are.  For example, we would rather not live in a trailer park.  No offense to those that do but that sort of closeness to your neighbor is not for us.  I’m hoping to get one of the houses that was in walking distance to an IHOP.  It’s the little things.

Another bit of news is recently my husband was hired for a new position for the same company he has worked for 6+ years and it is 8 hrs a day & 5 days a week!  It has been so nice actually having weekends at home with him.

Other than that, I don’t really have much going on.  I am pretty much a recluse who sits indoors playing The Sims 3 or watching Netflix while talking to her cats.  


It’s Been Years…


That’s what it felt like when I logged on today.  I feel so awful that I haven’t been reading and commenting on everyone’s blogs but I have been staying off my computer to do other things like watch almost 30 horror movies and to play through Skyrim again.  For those who do not game, Skyrim will take your life away.  Maybe even your soul, I’m still researching that one.

I still think about you all and hope you are all well and healthy.  When I settle down again, I will try to blog again.  I make no promises.

I’m still here… sort of.


I haven’t signed into here in about 2 weeks.  I just haven’t felt like being all that social lately.  In the past week I have watched 20+ horror movies and read about 4 books.  Seriously.  I think I haven’t been outside of my apartment in over a week too.  


I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

Monday, Monday, Monday



This is my new favorite song.  I am posting it in case anyone needs a Monday pick-me-up.  It is NSFW as it has a few curse words.  I’ve been listening to a lot of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.  A lot of the messages in their lyrics are very positive.  What I love the most about “Thrift Store” is that he points out how ridiculous it is for people to spend so much money on clothes and material items.

I’m not expecting a lot of people to listen but in case someone does & likes it, they have another song called “Same Love” that’s in full support of the LGBT community that I love.

I Broke My Own Heart



First before I write about how I broke my own heart last night, I should warn all of you on here that I wrote that my name is Godzilla Dinosaur in the wordpress info.  I don’t know why I picked that name but most of you might know me as Iydkmightky or simply Bridget.  I had moved my blog to Livejournal but it seems it confused a lot of people so I created a wordpress blog.  I’ve never been very good at keeping a steady blog going but I will probably post something every once and a while.

It is no big secret that I am a giant Metallica fan.  I had heard their music early on through life but it wasn’t until I was going into 7th grade that I really got into them.  Several of my high school yearbook pictures are of me wearing their t-shirts.  I’ve calmed down a little on my obsession with them but I still consider them the best band of all time.

A picture has circulated on the internet of their oldest fan, that a lot of people have sent to me:


I was thinking about that picture last night while listening to “Orion” and this conversation went on my head.

Bridget 1:  You know that should be your life goal, to someday be their oldest fan.

Bridget 2:  But by the time you’re 90, they’ll all be dead probably and you won’t get to meet them so no one will care.


Shattered dreams.

PS.  James Hetfield has the exact same birthday as my mother.  Just a little FYI.